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Address:Geyao Building, the Junction of Shanhai Road&Haixia Road, Industrial District, Cangnan County, Zhejiang Province
Set design, development, production, production and sales services as one of the diversified enterprises, the original high-end motor protector, successful research and development of intelligent integrated motor protector, motor protector, microcomputer protector, power meters, switchgear intelligent control device, service robot and other products.
After-sales service commitment
In order to safeguard the common interests of the user and the enterprise, the enterprise to ensure the sale of product quality and reputation, the spirit of "people-oriented, adhere to the science and technology enterprise, brand development" principle of service, the company strictly follow the ISO9001 quality assurance system, contract review, from the procurement of raw materials to finished products testing, Cengcengbaguan, layers of records each link of quality control, record production traceability, and never let the unqualified parts into the next process, so each factory products 100% qualified. And in the future process of cooperation, will be high-quality, enthusiastic and thoughtful pre-sale, sale, and after-sales service, you will feel value for money. Our solemn commitment to provide products are qualified products.
The company is responsible for the shipment of the goods to the customer's designated locations, and bear all the incidental expenses and related costs.
 Product quality assurance
The company guarantees that the products offered are entirely new and in line with national and industry standards. And welcome users sent to the company to visit, inspect and supervise the product manufacturing process, and will provide the necessary conditions.
The product quality guarantee period is 12 months starting from the delivery date. In the warranty period, due to the reasons for the failure of the product itself, the company free repair or exchange. In the warranty period, only charge replacement parts and other expenses.
 Service dispatch time
When the product has serious quality problems in use, the company guarantees that professional technicians will be sent to the site within 48 hours after receiving the user's notice.
 Technical training
Application requirements, the company can provide free training for users to the company until the training staff can master the operation and routine maintenance of the product, if necessary, seminars and technical exchanges may be held.
 technical assistance
In addition to the product manual, the company may provide other technical information related to the product free of charge. The company provides technical advice for customers free of charge.
 Service term
The company promises to provide lifelong maintenance and technical services to our products.
Geyao Building, the Junction of Shanhai Road&Haixia Road, Industrial District, Cangnan County, Zhejiang Province

Ge Yao Technology provides high-quality products like the society to meet the full range of customers' needs. No matter where the motor protector products are sold, we have our sincere service outlets.

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